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First-class customer service shouldn't come at a price.
Unlike traditional Web design and hosting firms, we don't charge our clients additional fees for technical support. Instead, we give you unlimited access to our knowledgeable and courteous Customer Care representatives. These dedicated specialists work with you during every step of the site building and promotion process. No matter the question or concern, we're here to help!

Dedicated Specialists -- Our Customer Care team is unlike any other ordinary tech support staff anywhere. When you contact Customer Care, you'll be connected with a team member who is specifically trained in the area of your concern. And we don't just stop at Web site assistance and email marketing support. Because we understand how vital a social media presence is to your business, our representatives will work with you to establish accounts on popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Our knowledgeable specialists are rigorously trained in all of the latest social media trends, and they're here to guide you through the social media marketing process, from set up to promotion.

Live Remote Access Support -- This remarkable tool allows our Customer Care representatives to provide superior, interactive service by establishing a direct connection between your support specialist's computer and your own. You'll be able to watch them perform each step on your screen in real time!

Free Software Upgrades -- Our team of software engineers is constantly adding new features to our proprietary solution. As our valued client, you'll always receive access to our newest tools - at no additional cost!

Multi-Lingual Support -- With thousands of customers spanning the globe, we understand the importance of clear communication in any language. In addition to our outstanding English-speaking support team, we're also proud to provide a team of experienced technical support specialists who speak Mandarin, Cantonese and Spanish.


Keep in touch with these powerful tools.

Contact Manager -- Organize and manage contact information for all of your customers, suppliers, and business associates. Once you've established a customer database, you can create and launch targeted e-newsletters that announce new product releases, upcoming sales, or any other special events and promotions.

Email Accounts -- Our solution's email account features come complete with everything you need to send professional emails, including:

  • Rich HTML text formatting & editing tools and a plain-text composition option
  • Built-in spelling checker
  • Account customization options
  • Address book, calendar, and day planner
  • Search tool for browsing email
  • Spam Assassin filtering to minimize unsolicited email

Versatile Email Access -- Talk about useful! Access your email accounts directly through popular email clients like Outlook, Thunderbird, and Eudora. On the road and still, need to be in touch? No problem, we've got you covered with support for your favorite smartphone or tablet. And with WebMail, you'll have more extensive email capabilities and easier access to your messages through any browser.


Establish a lucrative revenue channel with your online presence.
You can create a distinctive product catalog, complete with a virtual shopping cart, merchant account access, advanced pricing features, payment options, order processing tools and customized shipping, handling and tax rules. Display thousands of products with a full range of options, including multi-image support, product categories and descriptions, pan and zoom image features, customer-generated wish lists and review capabilities, price rules and discounts and even side-by-side product comparisons!

Multiple Billing Options -- Process credit cards online in real time, and have orders automatically sent to you by email. Regardless of which payment and billing options you enable on your Web site, you can be confident that all of your transactions are safe and secure on our SSL-encrypted network.

Downloadable and Virtual Products -- Even if you don't sell physical products, our Digital Marketing solution gives you the power to increase your business' profitability. You can use our revolutionary virtual product tools to sell downloadable products like MP3s or eBooks directly through your site!


It's your online storefront.

Our Web designers and marketing experts have spent countless hours researching the Web's most successful sites in order to develop effective, professional Web site layouts and designs. Our user-friendly platform makes it easy for you to choose from a myriad of options whenever you want to change the look and feel of your site.

Unlimited Site Modifications -- You control every aspect of your Internet presence. There's no need to learn a complicated programming language or be dependent on expensive Web developers. Our software lets you modify all text, images, colors, backgrounds and components of your Web site as often as you like. Best of all, your changes appear online in real time. Your customers will never see an "under construction" banner.

Rich Text & WYSIWYG Editing Tools -- With our Rich Text Editor, you can update, edit and add text to your site without losing your formatting. You can also easily change text size, color and font style. Our WYSIWYG Page Editor is a powerful interface tool that enables you to see what the published page will look like. It's all based on a simple point-and-click system. Just click on any section of the page to access menus for inserting, deleting, or editing text, images, or any other site component. And our site area override feature allows you to customize each page of your Web site in any way you desire.

Google Fonts Integration -- Google Fonts are free, boast hundreds of choices, are very Web-friendly, and are easy to use. But perhaps most importantly, you can use Google Fonts to make your business Web site look totally unique!


Our Responsive Web Sites automatically adjust their usability and width no matter whether a visitor is using a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The result is that there is no longer a need to create separate sites for PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. A single site can be created, enhanced and updated. Concerns about keeping PC and mobile sites updated and looking consistent are eliminated. Instead, you can spend your time focusing on your business. Search engine optimization concerns related to maintaining multiple Web sites for PCs and mobile devices are also eliminated. It's just one more way we'll help your business rank high on search results from Web sites like Google.

Our Responsive Web Sites look better and are more functional than ever. Many great-looking Responsive Web Site designs are available. Some are free, and others are available at a reasonable cost. And the eCommerce pages on our Responsive Web Sites are automatically responsive too!


Proprietary Platform & Site Administration

  • WYSIWYG Page Editor
  • Drag and Drop Interface
  • Unlimited Site Modifications
  • Edit Site on your iPad, iPhone or other Touchscreen Device
  • Google Fonts Integration for Unique Site Look
  • Google Site Map
  • Unlimited Web Storage Space
  • Domain Registration and Management Tools
  • File Manager with Mass Upload
  • Load Files from Web Addresses (URLs)
  • Password Protect Files and Directories
  • Code Widget


Responsive Web Sites

  • Scalable Sites Automatically Adjust to PCs, Tablets, and Smartphones
  • Update Single Site - Changes Look Great on All Devices
  • Variety of Slick Responsive Designs
  • eCommerce Pages are Responsive Too


SEO & Performance Metrics

  • Unlimited Traffic
  • SEO Tools
  • Site Promotion Tool
  • Web Site Traffic Statistics
  • Google Analytics Support


Social Media Marketing

  • Social Media Widgets for:
    1. - Facebook
    2. - Twitter
    3. - Instagram
    4. - Pinterest
    5. - Plurk
  • Integration with Blogger and WordPress Blogs


Customer Relationship Management

  • Import/Export Contacts
  • Email Newsletter Campaign Tools
  • Unlimited Number of 1 GB Mailboxes per Domain
  • Access Email via:
    1. - Popular Email Clients like Outlook, Thunderbird and Eudora
    2. - WebMail Interface
    3. - Your Favorite Mobile Device


Rich Media

  • Ultra-fast Streaming Videos
  • Elegant Photo Galleries with Slick HTML5 Slideshow Option
  • Image Editing Tools (Crop, Resize & Rotate)
  • Google Maps with Door-to-Door Driving Directions
  • Weather Widget
  • Rich Text Editor
  • Resource-based Appointment and Reservation Scheduling Forms


Product Catalog Management

  • eCommerce Dashboard
  • Import/Export Products
  • Product Inventory Management
  • Invoice and Packing Slip Tool
  • Product Tags
  • Multiple Billing Options


Enhanced Customer Experience

  • Pan and Zoom Product Images
  • Wish Lists
  • Compare Products
  • Customer Reviews
  • Easy Re-order Feature
  • Configurable Products
  • Virtual Products/Downloadable Products -- MP3s, eBooks, PDFs
  • Customer and Shopping Cart Discount Options


Extraordinary Support

  • Dedicated, Professional and Friendly Technical Support Staff
  • 24/7 Phone Support (Excluding Major Holidays)
  • Chat Support with Screen Sharing and Remote Assistance
  • Email Support
  • Contextual Help Guide with Step-by-Step Directions
  • Hover Help
  • Professional Design Services
  • Professional SEO Services
  • Professional SEM Services
  • Professional SMM Services
  • Professional Reputation Management Services
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