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remote computer repairs

I have been working on computers for the past 35 years. From MS Dos to Windows 3.1 to the current Windows 10.

You just have to change your habits when working with Windows.

  1. Don’t install software that you’re not sure of or really don’t need on your computer. If you do need to install something, scan it with your malware and virus software first to see if it’s a threat to your machine.
  2. Careful when you do install software, as a lot of times it will try to install extra software you really don’t need or change your search engines for your web browser. Un-check all boxes of the extra software it’s trying to install.
  3. Don’t install web browser toolbars. I find that 99% of them cause more problems than they’re worth.
  4. Use Firefox or Chrome web browser instead of Internet Explore. Firefox and Chrome are kept up to date by their makers and Chrome does not use Windows, Flash or Java. Best of all, looks like Firefox is going in the same direction. Use can also get some really great extensions for each browser.
  5. Don’t just open email attachments even if they’re from your friends. You need to scan them with your malware and virus programs to see if they are safe to open.
  6. There are many more things in Windows you really need to be careful with but the last thing is Don’t go to unsafe web sites. With Windows you can get infected just by going to some of these sites and don’t click on ads from these sites.

If you think your computer is infected or just needs to be cleaned out, then I offer Remote Desktop Connection where I can tie into your machine and help clean out the infections and make your machine run faster and safer like it was new again. I offer this for Windows systems only though. You must be able to get onto the internet for this to work. I can still help you but it makes it much harder if you don’t have internet connection! So get rid of the spyware, malware, virus, leftover updates from your the beginning of time.

I charge $55.00 for two hours of my time and if it takes any more time than that, it’s $10 per hour after that. Just drop me a email with your contact info for me to get a hold of you and I will call you as soon as I can.

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